How Tony Rush Bounced Back From Struggle, and Created a $300,000 a Year Income in 10 Months…

Tony Rush has one of the most powerful stories that I’ve heard in Empower Network.  The funny thing is, I didn’t even know about this, until after he spoke at our first event, in Atlanta Georgia.  You never know where someone is at…


Tony’s Hidden Story of Struggle and Victory…


After you watch this video, you’ll find yourself feeling empowered, like I was, to take just a little bit more action – let me know your thoughts:When I saw that video, I had to just lean back, and smile  Thanks to Chris Record and Peter Sorenson for sharing the video with me.Of course, not everyone is going to make as much money, as quickly as Tony Rush did, you can click here now for our averages earnings disclosure.Tony Rush is just a powerful story of what anyone can do – people just like you, who decide to take massive action, listen to a better way… and get all in.

The Hidden Formula Tony Discovered 6 Months Ago…


Here’s the thing that you’ll discover about Tony:Tony is humble as he is smart.Some people who aren’t as smart as Tony don’t just hear a message, and take immediate action, like you do.Tony simply saw this video, and decided to get started.When you do that now, you’re going to discover something… that can’t be simply shared in a blog post – what you’ll discover is the secret to creating the life that you want, from scratch, by being a part of something…


…Simply Revolutionary.


So here’s what you need to do next… Realize, that 12 months ago – Tony Rush was just like you.  He didn’t have a huge list, he started from zero.Maybe what you should do – is listen to what we say… and make a decision.When you do that, and you take massive action – you’ll find that a whole world of possibility opens up to you, to help you get the results that you want.So go ahead, and do watch the video, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.-David Wood“The Guru Slayer”



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